Sunday, 8 June 2008

Learning for earning?

End of Year Assessment: Conflict Resolution in the Coastal Zone

The topic although broad could have been better handled; in this instance opinions were not expressed as fluidly as wished, and the tendency to meander into even broader topics was experienced frequently. A focus point was not highlighted and therefore walking into dark undergrowth was difficult to avoid. Two many words and little time. This is a reflection of the development over the two years; the discovery of new philosophies and new politics; and also a marked beginning of a new stage.

"Two many words and little time," aptly reflects the scenery surrounding environmental politics; disguising little real action with comfortable words. An arena that will be probed more frequently; a want to become involved has been born.

Development- sustainable?
Coastal Zone Management has definitely broadened the horizons in terms of career development.

Political and Business Unit Head (The Dream Job-ish!)



glad(e)07 said...

thanks for that jess. your mark for the end test is 50%. i can see agreat many ideas buzzing in you rhead, but you need to develop a more ordered approach. the issue is the mechanics of conflcit resolution - what strategies could/shoudl be adduced?

try to think of a current no-falmouth issue - that of a golf course proposal in scotland -see todays guardian at
how would your resolve this conflict between capital and dio diversity. is it a parable of our times? can parallels be drawn with falmouth cruise ship terminals?

i would also suggest that you focus on this: how would you introduce a groupp of year 6 children to the idea of coastal conflict? start with the idyll of the beach, and using images show how this could be undermined and enhanced - postivies and negatives.

all the best in the future, do feel free to email me at anytime with questions of law or management